Choosing the right chairs for an event


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Whether you are hosting a dinner party, a birthday celebration or are planning a wedding it is important to consider what type of chairs you would need. Even for corporate events, dining and décor plays a significant role and you need to really consider your chair options.

On the face of it chair hire may not seem a high priority for you; however, it cannot lie at the bottom of your to do list because if there is limited seating and the furniture do not match your last minute chair choice, it could make for a stressful event.

There are all sorts of things to consider as well bar the style of the chair; should you put chair covers on the chairs? Will then need to be moved during the event?

For example at events were there is going to be eating and drinking, it is safe to say that there is a high probability of food and drink being dropped, spilled or knocked over your hired furniture. It might be that you have chosen a white bistro chair for your event, which is plastic and can easily be wiped down; however, if you have a soft, cushioned bottomed seat or a wooden chair, might you be worried about stains?

We have compiled a short go-to-guide on what are the major events we typically cater for and what chairs are tried and tested to make an event sing:

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Wedding Reception

Typically a wedding is centred on base colours like white or ivory with a colourful sash or organza bow bringing a touch of colour and style to the wedding.

This would suit the eye-catching design of the limewash chivari chair, it has a wooden frame and an interchangeable seatpad which can offer good versatility and the ability to match up and complement the colour scheme and other furnishing and arrangements. They brings both a vintage and rustic theme to a wedding reception or christening, enhancing the look of the whole room.

A wooden white resin chair is also an elegant, classic style to your special occasion, offering both versatility and practicality with its padded seat and ability to be folded and stacked.

Corporate Event

Corporate events ask for sophistication, portraying sleek business-like seating with a modern spin. Typically you would see banqueting chairs in operation as they are cost-effective, come in a range of colours such as blue or burgundy, and are both comfortable and practical – should you need to rearrange seating midway through the event.

Dependent on the event you can also see bar stools making an appearance as it blends into the cocktail culture seen throughout London.

Family Party (and Friends)

Whether you are hosting a dinner party, a birthday or any other occasion you can have a more relaxed atmosphere than the aforementioned events, and you can have a bit of variety to compliment both an indoor or outdoor event.

You could choose a plastic chair, such as a white bistro chair or a folding chair which can be decorated with chair colours to work with the event’s colour scheme. Or you could choose a wooden white resin chair which bring great comfort and practicality.